Just because you started a business doesn’t mean you won’t need some support to help your business thrive.

Yes, everyone is unique, but many small business owners experience similar challenges. I understand small businesses and how to support you in creating a solid marketing strategy and moving forward with a plan of action. 

If you are committed to figuring out how to grow your business, intentionally and authentically, then my services are for you.

Every large brand I've ever worked with (and I've worked with quite a few) always ALWAYS develop a plan before launching innovations... but many small business owners skip this major step.

Together, we'll create a custom strategy with clarity, intention and focus.

I’ve created this 6 week consulting program to help you make real progress in connecting authentically with your target customers and creating a solid online presence for your business. 
This 6 week program includes three (3) 60-minute, one-on-one sessions focused on assessing your needs, creating a plan to achieve your goals, and making forward movement so we can start seeing impact for your business. I'll also be sending you my "Simple Social Media Engagement Cheat Sheet" and an individualized self care welcome kit after our initial Clarity Call. Over the 6 weeks, you'll also have exclusive access to me by email to bounce ideas back and forth and answer questions as they come up. 
I created this program for motivated small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to make specific, actionable changes in your online marketing approach to get you moving in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Why do I need to invest in a Marketing Consulting Program?"
A: Whether you are just starting out and are feeling overwhelmed with no clue where to begin building your online presence, or you have been in business for a little while but you just haven’t yet mastered this online marketing or social media thing - I’ve got ya covered. Many small business owners skip over creating a strategic marketing plan - or don't have the time to revisit the one they created initially - because they're so focused on working IN their business everyday. Based on my experience, it's vital to have a strategic approach to marketing your brand and your business to achieve your business goals successfully + efficiently. We'll discuss what's currently going on in your small business, your goals for the next 6 to 12 months, and create a plan for utilizing your online presence to help achieve your business goals. We'll evaluate your current online marketing tactics and make a strategic plan to create a solid, authentic presence for your brand and your business.

Q: "I've never worked with a marketing consultant. Why would I hire you?"
A: I'm so glad you asked that question! Creating differentiation for your brand is one thing I specialize in, so I try to make sure I do that for my own business as well! Marketing consulting was once only available to "big businesses", but it's become more available - and more necessary - for small business owners. But I'm not your average coach: I've spent the last 15 years in marketing strategy and business development working with household name brands, I earned my MBA in Marketing Strategy from Yale School of Management and I also own and operate 3 successful small businesses of my own, so my client's receive the benefit of my professional, academic and personal experience. My work is about YOU building the business that will create the lifestyle you want and allow you to deliver on your passions. My consulting services will help you... 

+ Gain perspective on your personal brand and competitive differentiation
+ Stay focused on engaging your target audience to drive your business growth
+ Identify possible online communication opportunities that you may have missed
+ Brainstorm ideas and get experienced feedback, not just opinions, on how to craft your social media presence
+ Connect with resources that will help you grown your business

Q: "What can I expect when I fill out the inquiry below?"
A: It's a fairly simple process.  After receiving your form, I'll shoot you an email within 48 hours with any additional thoughts I may have and a few options for our 30 minute Clarity Call (this is a complementary 30 minute chat to assess if working together is the right fit). Once you confirm the time slot, we'll be ready to go! 

Q: "So I know I want to be coached by you. How do I get started?"
A: Once we've determined that we're a great fit, you will receive an invoice from me. Immediately upon payment, you will receive a pre-session questionnaire. This will take you some time to answer and will direct our 1st coaching session. TAKE YOUR TIME filling this out. 

Q: "What can I expect to happen during our strategic coaching sessions?"
A: I'll set up a Zoom video conference call (unless we have an in-person meeting) and we'll review your questionnaire. From there, we'll brainstorm, strategize and create some action steps. We will also arrange our 30 minute follow-up accountability call. That's it. Easy breezy but it's gonna create some impact for your small business!

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