3 Mind-Blowing Reasons Your Business Needs Facebook

One in seven people on Earth use Facebook – that's over 1 billion people, if you aren't up to date on world population statistics. To put things in perspective, Facebook now has more active users than China’s entire population (estimated to be 1.40 billion).

Cat photos, cute kids, memories... Facebook dominates how we connect with our friends, families and yes - even the brands - in our lives. 

Here's 5 Things You Might Not Know About Facebook...

Why I Switched from MailChimp to Aweber to ConvertKit

I know I've asked myself this a million times over the past year... and I'm sure if you're also a small business owner (or even a medium or large business owner!) you've probably asked yourself the same thing: "What's the best email service provider for my business?"

So first... I HOPE that you're taking list building seriously when it comes to your business. I know that I've learned that growing my list and my community is DEFINITELY core to the success of my business...

The 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Be Online

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur building your offline empire, you may challenge the idea that online marketing will amplify (if not explode!) your current business. 

Yes... Most business owners I know - small or large - have at least a website and Facebook page. But many don't use them regularly or effectively to gather new business....

3 Steps to Brand Building for Entrepreneurs

I've heard the question too many times to count, "Does branding really matter for small business?" Whether you're an online entrepreneur, coach, chiropractor, boutique or network marketing professional... yes - creating a strong brand matters!

In the entrepreneurial world, where every dollar counts and time is a limited resource, why does branding deserve your focus and a line item in your budget? To answer, we have to start by asking...

What is a Brand?

Simple But Effective Social Media Strategy for Business

As an entrepreneur, your time is an extremely valuable resource, so when it comes to using social media to build your brand and business it’s essential to maximize your returns on the time you invest!

That's why I teamed up with Gillian Perkins, bestselling author and successful entrepreneur, to bring you my 4 Steps to Simple Social Media Success. 

How To Stay Energized When You're Always On The Go

Running your own business can be a lot of fun. It can also prove to be tremendously exhausting. Simply put, even a rational business plan is going to have you on the move more often than not. One of the great challenges that comes with constantly being on the go is staying energized. You want to stay alert, ready for the next challenge. You want to make yourself available to people and opportunities. You also want to stay healthy.