How To Keep Your Energy Up As A Busy Working Mom

If you’re like me, some days you just find yourself at 9pm wondering where the time has gone, you’ll know that keeping your energy up as a busy working mom is somewhat of a task. But it’s also very important to do so. The sheer amount of responsibility you have as a mother simply requires it - and you deserve some awesome self care! 

I’ve often felt a bit thinly spread over my responsibilities. Every now and then, after a good night’s rest, I realize how much I have in common with someone who has spent the week drinking too much wine... I remember nothing. So how does a motivated, savvy sassy professional woman and mom such as us bring a little spark back? Here are six ideas for giving your battery a little jumpstart: 


Remember why you do what you do

Focus on the things that really make you feel good. If we feel good - we raise our energy level, which in turn creates more great things in our life! For me, it’s finding ways to see the beauty in even the smallest things during my busy days. For example, I try to enjoy the amazingly stunning color of my deep pink roses on the path from the car to the house (even if I'm toting a kid or laptop on the way!) Also - I love to see growth and progress in my business and I also feel extremely proud of my children when they share with me something new they've learned. Try and keep a few mementos of your WHY in your work space. For me it's a picture of my boys, some sand from the beach, and a crystal that makes me happy. 


Take some time out

As a stressed out mom and small business owner, I KNOW that sometimes a "time out" is just what I need. Put yourself in the corner and just relax. Make time, even if it’s 15 minutes every day to get away from it all. Meditate, listen to your latest jams, or just doodle. It all works so long as it brings you a little joy!


Snack healthy throughout the day

This is probably the number one thing we neglect as working mothers: attending to our own nutritional needs. Snagging the left over mac & cheese from my kid's plate? Guilty. Drinking more coffee than a Sbucks Barista? Guilty. I'm not perfect - but I'm becoming more mindful. You might think there’s no time to snack while you’re busy with your daily tasks but toss a few snacks in your bag and add some fuel to your fire. Eat (or as my grandma said, "Mangia, mangia!”). You’ll feel much better.


Drink less caffeine

OK - I'm still working on this one myself. But it's true. If you’re one of those who just can’t do without your morning fix, this is going to be a tough one. While caffeine gives you that quick spurt of energy, too many cups can do the opposite. My alternative? Sparkling water or a fun herbal tea. Try it - you'll like it.


Get enough sleep

Easier said than done, right? Being a mom and trying to balance work at the same time can consume you. I’ve spent nights going over what I need to do the next day, thoughts and ideas spinning in my head. Of course, when morning comes I’m so tired that everything I spent the previous night obsessing over gets half done. That’s a recipe for disaster right there. Get your rest but more importantly, shut down. Some things CAN be left for another time. My solution? I bring my notebook into my bedroom - do a massive brain dump before bed - and then do a quick guided meditation to quiet my mind. 


Try a retreat

I know - it's SO hard to find time to get away. But what I've realized is that when I take time to refill my own cup I have SO much more to offer my clients, my kids and my community.  Every time I go away on business trips or family holidays I get an influx of insights and new ideas for my business. In fact, I'm planning to get away this January for an amazing retreat with a bunch of fabulous Boss Moms... Want to join me? You can get all the details by CLICKING HERE


Remember, you’re not just a mother, you’re a woman, too. Spend some time with your other half. Make sure to get someone you can really trust to take care of the kids so that you don’t have to spend your time worrying about them. Quality time is sure to take your mind off the daily tasks and remind you that you’re priceless. That’s the best energy booster there is!

xo Mary