Seven Questions To Know... Is Running Your Own Business Is Right For You?

Are you ready to start your own business? Before you answer this question, keep in mind the following: When it comes to running your own business, many people can be very successful! However, you’re going to want to consider whether or not you’re ready and if the entrepreneurial life is really for you.

Running your own business can be enormously rewarding on a number of levels. At the same time, it can prove to be extremely challenging. You may want to make sure you’re up it before you take the leap, so here are some out of the ordinary questions you can ask yourself before you start...

7 Weird Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Own Business

  1. What would your eight-year-old self say to you? Let’s imagine you can meet up with your eight-year-old self... What would they say to you? Would they be impressed by what you’ve done?
  2. Are you prepared to be embarrassed? Running your own business requires a lot... Near the top of the list is going to be a willingness to take risks! Taking risks often enough means putting yourself out there... How does that feel to you?
  3. How would you save the world? If you could do one thing to save the world, what would you do? Often enough, this question can reveal your passions, as well as your desire to work with/help others.
  4. If you had to go one place every day, where would you go? Imagine you can only travel to one place each day, every day, for the rest of your life. Where do you think you would go?
  5. You have one year to live. What’s next? It’s difficult to imagine such a timeline, but it’s worth trying to speculate on this question nonetheless.
  6. Who’s going to play you in the biopic? Imagine someone is making a movie about the life and times of you. Who is going to play you? Are you even going to be the star?
  7. Are you happy? This question doesn’t sound strange, but try to remember the last time you really posed this question to yourself. If it has been a really long time, it’s going to feel really weird to ask yourself now. But it’s worth taking the time to pose this question to yourself. Use the answer to guide you.

How did you do on these questions?

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