Small Shifts That Can Make Big Positive Changes

Your business deserves the very best of your attention, but at the same time, so does your health! Your physical and emotional well-being are just as valuable as the other investments into your business as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or small business owner. I know, I know... You're busy! You're running a mile a minute... but you can take some small, simple steps to ensure you're most valuable asset (you!) is supported.

If you find yourself struggling to keep self care on the "To Do" list, relax. As you're going to discover, small shifts in your daily routine can accomplish a lot. You can make numerous, meaningful changes to not only the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, but to your general health, as well.

How To Take Care Of Yourself And Your Business At The Same Time

“Simple self-care and marketing sanity” is more than just my tagline. I truly believe it’s essential to establish as an entrepreneur! As small business owners (and often Family CEO's, too), we need to care for ourselves, our families and our fledgling businesses. If nothing else, you want to be healthy enough to enjoy your success, right?!

So here are some of my top tips, based on my experience as a mom and entrepreneur: 

  • When you quit for the day, quit for the day: Generally speaking, there is nothing about your business that can’t wait until tomorrow. Setting a time to quit each day ensures you will be able to take some time for yourself. You’re not going to be much use to your business, if you’re not well-rested! Can't quite "leave it at the office"? Try to be mindful about the hours that are for Work and those that are for Family or Play. 
  • Stop thinking you need to do everything on your own: You don’t. Really - You don’t. Run that sentence through your head a few more times. Your success will not be less successful through turning to others for assistance! We’re talking about building a meaningful support network, here. Look into outsourcing if your budget affords it - or consider finding someone that might lend a hand in trade for the products or services that you offer! As someone who's been paid in wine, farm fresh eggs and massage... bartering is not all bad!
  • Get out of the house during the day: No matter what, you should try to take a few minutes during the day. This might be easier said than done, but getting out of your home or office for even a few minutes can do a world of good. If possible, head outside for lunch or use the need to run errands as the opportunity to get a little fresh air. I've noticed myself that I'm more productive on the days when I get a little extra sun on my face (and out of my trusty work-from-home yoga pants). 
  • Give your body and brain some fuel: Eating a healthy lunch each day is definitely a good idea - and it doesn't have to be complicated! Make a few salads at the start of the week and grab one from the fridge... or even a few turkey rolls and some fresh veggies will do in a pinch! And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - I know my brain starts to go fuzzy if I'm low on water. 

Take care of yourself, and your business is definitely going to benefit. Give yourself every opportunity for simple self-care!