The Benefit Of Having Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners As Parents

Ok... so I'm not saying that entrepreneurs and small-business owners will automatically make for fantastic parents... but if you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, you've got a unique opportunity to impart something wonderful to your children!

What do I mean? Let me see if I can break it down for you because I get it... The notion that your work as an entrepreneur or small business owner is at all relevant to your children may strike you as strange, but it shouldn’t! Here's what I mean... 


  • You’re teaching them to be thinkers, and not merely drones: Ok, Corporate Peeps - I'm not saying everyone should avoid the corporate life... But I think that giving our children an understanding that they have a choice is empowering! By working as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re sending a clear message to your kids that they don’t have to go down the path most traveled... they can follow their passion and be a success!
  • You’re showing them how to strike a balance between work and family life: One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners is the tricky balance between work and family (ok - yes - this is tricky for ANY working parent - but when your "office" is also your kitchen table? Enter new level of "tricky"...). Demonstrating for our kids that we can be successful in business and still have time for them allows them to learn balance, goal setting and setting priorities. You may have to pick your priorities and have an awesome support squad - but it doesn't have to be perfect to work! And thankfully, love can make the imperfect feel just right. 
  • You’re preparing your kids for the future: These days, the notion of holding onto one job for decades at a time is rapidly becoming antiquated. Some people manage it. A lot of people don’t. In carving out your own path as an entrepreneur, you’re making it clear to your kids that they can make choices about their career. 
  • You’re teaching your kids true work ethic and discipline: Creating your own hours, maintaining your own discipline, and staying focused on your goals brings with it a new level of challenge as an entrepreneur! When you can do all of those things successfully, you’ll be demonstrating for your kids true work ethic and discipline.