Why Creating A Personal Brand For Your Network Marketing Business Is Essential

Creating a personal brand is essential for many businesses... and if you happen to run a network marketing business, it is even more crucial! Establishing a personal brand can be challenging but you shouldn’t let this deter you. The rewards surely outweigh the costs... AND establishing your personal brand may be a good deal easier than you might suspect!

Why Create A Personal Brand?

People want to work with and buy from people (and brands) that they know, like and trust. They want to feel a connection - some sort of relationship. They want their needs met and they want to feel good about their choices! So you had better get to know "them"!

When trying to craft your Personal Brand, start by thinking about your ideal customer: Who are they? How old are they? Do they have a family? How much do they have in the way of disposable income? Do they use mobile devices and smartphones? What social media sites do they use? When you start answering these questions, you build a profile of the person that you're going to be serving with your personal brand. 

With so many different companies and brands on the market, customers can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. Your Personal Brand should create a unique, instantly engaging connection to the target customer you just identified.

Think about what your brand has to offer that's uniquely able to deliver on your target's wants, needs and desires. What will they feel MORE of by working with you or your products? This is what you Personal Brand stands for... the feeling, the value and the results that you deliver to your target audience. 

A Personal Brand is the dominant idea or thought that comes to people’s minds when they think of you!

So What Do You Want People Think About Your Personal Brand?

  • How do you want to be known in the market?

  • What are your core values, abilities, offerings?

  • Do you want to be seen as a trusted expert?

  • What experience do people have when working with you?