5 Amazingly Simple Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Small Business

I'll admit... I've jumped on the Livestream Train and I'm loving it!

I'm such a big fan of the way that Livestreaming Video can connect you with your audience, engage with them and their questions/comments and also give a real view of what working with you, your brand and your business is really like!

If you haven't had the chance to check it out yet, Facebook Live is the new livestream extension to Facebook has given small business owners everywhere a new way to communicate with and serve their online audiences.

But how can small businesses like yours use Facebook Like to supercharge your online marketing? Here are my 5 simple steps to using Live to super-charge your page: 

  1. Have you ever wanted your own TV Show? Well, now you can create one - right from your phone! People are SO interested in seeing "behind the scenes", so take your Facebook Audience on a back-stage tour of your business! Restaurants can share a peek in the kitchen, Boutiques could share a guided tour of the latest stock, and a yoga studio could share a scene from a live class.

  2. Go Live with your latest release! Developed a new product? Do a live demo on how to use it best. Are you a service provider? Share a testimonial from a recent client.

  3. Capitalize on Audience Interaction! Since viewers can type in questions, use Facebook Live to host a Q&A session about your products, services or offerings. Or just about your area of expertise in general!

  4. Set yourself apart as the expert in your niche and do a live stream to educate your audience on late-breaking news or the newest trends in your industry! It will be a boost to your credibility and organic reach.

  5. Host an "online mini class" or tutorial on your page. Announce it ahead of time or send an invitation to your email list, then "Go Live" at the appointed time and teach something valuable to your audience. Extra bonus? After the live video is over, post a link in the comments to a Worksheet they can download with your lesson outline.

Ready to get started?
With some simple strategic planning and a splash of creativity, Facebook Live may become your new best friend. Speaking from experience, once you get the hang of going "live", it can become a key part of your content marketing strategy. Don't stop there! Consider repurposing the video content or topic points on your website or other social media channels. So what are you waiting for?