Community, Support & Entrepreneurial Sanity

After a 15 year career in corporate marketing and strategy, when I started working for myself I realized quickly that a strong business strategy and effective time management approach were going to be essential to my success... but JUST as important, was the need to find a community and support system of like-minded entrepreneurs!

When you're in an office or corporate setting - you're by default part of a company culture and many people (myself included) are lucky enough to find great friends at work! 

However, when I transitioned to working from home and building my own business, I realized just how important it was for me to create new support systems to replace my "work family". After speaking with several friends who are also building their own businesses, isolation, frustration and overwhelm seem to be pretty common challenges! 

For me, the solution has been find and become part of both local networking groups AND online groups! The combination is great for me as a mother AND business owner because the online group can give me some on-demand support during the hours or days that I can't make it to the live meetings, but the local groups are a great way to stay in touch with what's going on in my local community and find ways to be of greater service in our local area. 

Here’s the truth… Being an entrepreneur and growing a business is definitely a roller coaster ride! There are days you feel alone, there are famines and floods and sometimes you feel like you don't know where to go next... but the whole ride is still exhilarating and exciting! 

For me, I try to stay focused on what I'm trying to achieve, learn as much as I can, enjoy being inspired by others, and work to build a network of support so I can keep growing.

Finding a community that can empathize with and support me on the rough days - but also challenge and push me when I know I can bring my business to the next level - has been one of the best and most rewarding parts of becoming an entrepreneur. That's why I'm so honored and thrilled to be the Boss Mom of the Week this week and want to thank both Dana Malstaff and NJ Rongner for creating such an amazing and inspiring group of female entrepreneurs!

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Tell me in the comments... what are the biggest challenges YOU struggle with as a business owner and entrepreneur? How do you use community to get you through your challenges?