Awesome Guest Post... Introducing Your Soul Energy!

I Love Sharing My Favorite Things...

So from time to time I come across AWESOME tools, tips or info that I just have to share... 

This is one of those times! I've been hearing and reading all about this new obsession with COLORING... and all the benefits that come from it. Even my mom is coloring! 

So when I learned that Melissa had some expert insights into not only coloring, but also how doodles can give us some insight into our personalities and soul identity... I wanted to learn more! 

Bonus for us... Not only is Melissa going to share some great info with us here in her guest post, but read on til the end and we've got a great way for you to learn even more!

So without any further ado... I introduce you to Melissa and... 

...Your Soul Energy!

Did you know that your Doodle style says A LOT about you? It does and today you are going to discover your soul energy through a quick Doodle exercise. Before you read any further, grab a piece of paper and spend 2-3 minutes “Doodling” on the page.

Just draw whatever comes.

If you aren't someone who traditionally draws and you are feeling complete anxiety right now and the voice “I can't draw” is screaming loudly (I know the voice, I was VERY good friends with it once) I want you to breathe, relax, put pen or pencil to paper and just go. Start with anything. Close your eyes and start if that helps.

Done? GREAT! How did it FEEL? How does it look? No judging! We aren't submitting to an art gallery. I want you to look at what is on your page. Is there a common theme? Do you see a style to your Doodle? There is a fascinating concept that suggests the way we inherently Doodle, the kinds of shapes that intrinsically come out, are aligned with the inherent energy we were born with and put forth into this world.

Let's explore...YOUR Soul Energy.

Use the infographics below to identify your predominant Doodle stye. You might be a combination, but will likely have a dominant style.


What did your Doodle say about you?

My Doodles (true doodles while in meetings or taking notes during classes) are very curvy. I use S curves over straight lines always. I highlight words in cloud bubbles and wavy lines. When I draw in my art journal (I also call this Doodling, but for me it’s a creative meditation purposeful Doodle) my pages are full of flowing lines and figures.

Based on my Doodle survey, my energy would be defined as someone who desires comfort, for myself and others. I would be calming and sensitive. Based on me...yep, that's a pretty good description!

These are important qualities to know because it helps explain how we act, what we need, and how we relate to others. It’s also important because if we are acting or are in an environment that is counter to our natural ways, it can make us feel discomfort and disconnect. And, well, not living our true soul.

Who are YOU? Did your Doodle style fit? If not do you need to contemplate your authentic soul energy? Let us know in the comments.

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About Our Guest, Melissa McClain

Melissa McClain has over 15 years of experience in the crisis management industry and has worked with international travel and hospitality companies to prepare for and respond to mass casualty and major disaster events. Her focus was on ensuring effective and compassionate support for employees, survivors and families. During her career, she supported organizations through several major terrorist attacks and natural disasters. As she transitions to a more creativity-focused life, Melissa is building her fine art photography portfolio and teaching clients how to use coloring and creativity programs for self-awareness, personal growth and mindful health.

Click here for more information on her adult coloring and creativity workshops, a coloring and creativity e-course and her colorful photography.