I Want To Quit My Job... Am I Ready?

I Want To Quit My Job... Am I Ready?

Trying to have success with your own startup business is always challenging, but it is even more so when you are trying to balance this new startup with a traditional full time job! 

You're not alone... Many people trying to start out as an entrepreneur don't have the cash to quit their day job cold turkey. This means trying to work both at the same time... and typically becoming stretched too thin.

If you are trying to build your startup business from the ground up, it is time that you learned the signs to look out for that will signify that it is time to quit your day job!


It's Not Your Passion

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It doesn't always come down to money. If you really want your startup to succeed it will need your full attention and this is impossible to do if you are splitting all of your time between jobs. This means if you're really not passionate about your day job, it might be time to just take a leap and quit it to give you the motivation and the push that you will need to take your startup seriously! Easy? Not always... But it may be time for you to take the leap and follow something that you are really passionate about! 

You Have a Little Bit of Cash Flow

There will never be the perfect time to leave behind your day job. With your day job comes a reliable money source, but there is a lot of financial freedom that can be attainable if you can break away from your day job and start a business that succeeds! This means that if you have the cash flow necessary to survive for a few months, you should consider quitting your day job right away and focusing all of your efforts on your startup. You do not need a lot of money to get started, but you will need some cash. This means as long as you have a little bit in your savings to tide you over for a short period of time, it is a good idea to consider leaving behind your day job and focusing all of your efforts on your startup. 



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