Why Taking Care of Yourself First for a Change is a Really Good Idea

As a working mom, stress can overwhelm you and if you don’t take good care of yourself, both family and work will suffer in the long run. It often seems to me like there is very little physical help for working moms. Sometimes neither the workplace nor the family offer support and mom ends up doing all the doing. That’s why I decided to write this article. These are my thoughts on how to alleviate your “working mom stress”.

I like to keep a checklist for myself, something that lets me know when it’s time to see to me first. I’m sure this is different for everyone. For example, when I feel overwhelmed, I know I’ve neglected myself a little too long. There are times when the kids are running around, my hubby’s getting ready to go out and wants to eat as in 10 minutes ago, and the dogs are barking like crazy. And I love it. I can manage the chaos like a child can manage a 5-scoop chocolate ice-cream cone. Then there are those days where I feel like the slightest thing out of order can and will make me explode. It’s one too many explosions that have made me realize that if I don’t take better care and put my needs first now and then, everyone loses out.

As women, mothers and wives, we are the mortar that holds the castle together. If your mortar is mixed thinly, your castle will fall. Add a little extra cement into the mix and you’ve got a winning recipe.

So what kind of cement am I talking about?

  • Do something you love doing. This can be anything that brings you real joy
  • Think less. Try it, you’ll feel much lighter.
  • Go for a walk. This might seem like a lot of effort, but the exercise will do wonders for you. So will the change of scenery.
  • Rely on your partner. Yes, they are capable and no, you don’t have to babysit them too.
  • Visit a website that offers help for working moms and see what other mothers do to manage their pressure.

For those times where you just can’t do differently, remember the moments when you didn’t mind the chaos. Think your way into a better frame of mind. A study conducted on a set of factory workers split in half showed that the half who worked against the sounds of the factory (as they were told to do for the sake of the study), worked less efficiently than those who worked along with the sounds. It may be overwhelming, but don’t try and swim upstream, just go with it and find a way of working to your factory’s atmosphere.

Taking time out for you should not be seen as a selfish thing. It should rather be taken as a daily requirement. There are plenty of good planners for busy moms online. Go on and get the help you need. Be kind to yourself for a change.


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