My Selling on Amazon FBA Has Been a Blessing and a Curse... and My Review of

So, if you’ve followed my ‘scopes or read some of my other blog posts, then you know that our family decided to give creating an Amazon FBA business a shot after our second son was born about 2 years ago. 

It’s been a bit of a wild ride, I'll admit, since we started this project while I was still working full time (with a new baby and toddler in the house) and my husband was still full time Chef and running our two family restaurants.

(Who needs free time, right? Ha…)

As you may also know, I’m a self-professed geek - I was the student that loved studying. I love learning! And when there’s a new topic (or in this case, Business Idea) that I want to learn about, what do I do? I research the HECK out of it… I read reviews, I take courses, I read articles, I interview people that have done it successfully before, and I test and learn till my little geeky heart is content! 

Since I knew I was short on time to dedicate to the project, I wanted a pretty clear path to follow - a step-by-step method of sorts. I didn’t want to create something from scratch - people were successfully selling and building businesses on Amazon FBA - I just wanted to learn how they were doing it! So I found a course that gave me exactly that - a methodology and path to follow, and now, well, they've launched a great new membership program and I am just as excited as I was the first time I jumped into the training. There's a great step-by-step review of starting a new Amazon FBA business called Brand Genesis and was created by a company called (ok - great name, right?).

Here’s the blessing… as a total newbie to Amazon FBA, provided everything I needed to learn how to start my Amazon sellers account, source products and get my business moving. You can get a full overview right from their Matt Clark,’s CEO in THIS VIDEO

So at the beginning of this post I mentioned that the business has been a blessing and a curse…right?

The blessing part is pretty clear: Amazon FBA has been generating upwards of $8000 per month in revenue for our family and now that we’re in “maintenance” mode, we’re really spending less than 10 hours per week working the business. 

Great - but you’re saying, “Where’s the curse?”

The curse is that this opportunity still has SO much potential, and it’s tempting for me to just do this 100%. There’s so much content in the library that I haven’t even explored or implemented… How much do I want to dive into these: Retail Arbitrage? Yes… Amazon Author? Yes… Advanced Product Marketing? OMG Yes… 

But as a “multi-passionate” entrepreneur I’m also working on other business ventures that take time, energy and focus, so I’m growing my Amazon FBA business at a pace that seems comfortable for our family right now, but it’s great to know that if we want to switch gears and ramp up, then all the tools are right there waiting for us to dive in. 

So here’s the awesome news for you if you’re reading this and thinking, “Ok - I want to check this Amazon FBA thing out.” 

Full access to all of's 100+ courses - that includes more than just training for Amazon sellers (e.g., Tax Benefits of a Home Office Course) - is free for the first month (a credit card is required, just FYI), then it's $39/month. 

Of course - you can cancel anytime with no pressure, no tricks, just email

I’ve shared my experience with and Amazon FBA before, and there are always querstions, so just in case the same questions pop to mind for you, I’ve answered some questions below:

Q: What is

A: is now a membership site with full access to 100+ (current) courses about:

  • Selling on Amazon (basics and more)

  • Retail arbitrage (for Amazon sellers)

  • How to boost your product's sales on Amazon (targeting sellers who source via Private

  • Label or wholesale)

  • Facebook marketing (for any business)

  • eBook creation and marketing

  • How to import from China

  • Much more

Q: How can help me?

A: If you're a beginning or even intermediate Amazon seller, you can learn A LOT about  Amazon FBA and retail arbitrage with's courses. Those courses alone, within the membership, have been incredibly valuable for our family and if you’re just starting out, retail arbitrage could be your path to a great side hustle if you don’t want to take the time to learn about wholesale sourcing and private labeling.

Bonus -- If you have interests outside of Amazon (e.g., Facebook marketing, selling on Etsy, entrepreneurship, writing ebooks), the membership site also has some great courses for that as well.

Q: Sounds great - So what's the catch?

A: I don’t recommend any product, course or really ANYTHING that I don’t fully stand behind. There is no catch. Your first 30 days are free. Yes, a credit card is required to join, but set a reminder on your calendar for day 28 and if you’re not loving the content cancel. If you want to continue to have access to all the content, you have to pay a measly $39/month - that’s less than coffee at S-Bucks every day!

In the spirit of full transparency, I do just want to share a few things for you to consider, keeping in mind the risk to you is still 'zero' if you cancel before 30 days:

  1. Many of the courses included in may become obsolete a year or two from now… Amazon changes their policies, social media and online marketing practices change… however Matt Clark and the team has committed to keeping up with creating new content as things change. Good thing for you? It’s a monthly membership, so if they aren’t keeping that promise, you can cancel.

  2. As someone who’s worked with large brands and professional campaigns for over 10 years, I’d say that about 40% of the video training courses are super professional and in-depth on their topic. The others are a bit lighter in content, but for the price it's an incredible value

  3. To continue to access newly added courses/content to, obviously you would have to keep your subscription at $39/month

  4. I also suspect there will be some soft up-sells after you're a member, for software or other things that aren't critical for you to succeed (see the 'What's this 'Brand Genesis' - is that part of the membership?' question below).

Q: What's this 'Brand Genesis' - is that part of the membership?

A: Yes, included in your membership is access to's 'Brand Genesis' training. The Brand Genesis training begins July 21 and this is a step-by-step demonstration of how Matt Clark, CEO, created and started selling a new product on Amazon. Everything from marketing, promoting, tracking sales, and more is covered, giving a great example of what to do if you want to do this yourself. This 'journey' will run the span of several months, so obviously to follow along you'd have to keep your membership active. There maybe some optional software that will be offered to you via the Brand Genesis training, but I would expect that software to be affordably priced.

Q: Do I get any one-on-one support?

A: At this time, there is no private 'coaching' and at this price point I honestly don’t think there should be. However, a private 'bulletin board' community for members is available. Again, asking for lots of hand-holding at this price point isn’t really logical, the value is too high at the current price point.

Q: When I go to sign up for my membership, all I'm seeing is 'Brand Genesis'. Will I get access to all the other training materials? 

A: Yes. After you get your username and password, you'll get access to everything.

Q: Will my business succeed if I follow this training? 

A: It honestly all depends on you. People just like you and me succeed when they take appropriate action with the information they have accessed. Most aspiring Amazon sellers sign up for courses or training, do half of the work in the course, and then expect the money to roll in. No training/courses are going to provide you with a magical gold mine (if it promises to, without you putting in ANY work, then I urge you to beware). You have to do the work. You don’t get rich just by signing up. This is a business. 

You can sign up for (it includes all their courses and 'Brand Genesis') here:

To be fully transparent, this is my affiliate link, but as I mentioned, this is a program I'm in myself, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you! *smile*