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Doors Are Closing Soon!
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In just 30 days, use Facebook to unleash a flood of ideal clients and customers straight to your door so that you can FINALLY make money on social media!

More Than 1.71 billion People Use Facebook to Connect, Learn and Discover

What's going to be possible for YOUR business when you learn how to tap into this connection-creation machine?



You can increase sales during the off-season... 

Maybe you're a floral shop that's struggling in the off-season. Instead of watching your sales wither like last week's roses, you can tap into Facebook's targeting capabilities to engage your local market with reminders and offers and become an everyday, all day, ALL YEAR expert resource on gifts, flowers and everything green! There's no limit to how you can use Facebook pages, groups and ads to share and stay top-of-mind wtih your ideal customers, no matter what the season.  

You can differentiate yourself from the competition...

I know first-hand that people love a behind-the-scenes view! These days, people want to experience the experience before the even get to you! So bring the sensory experience to them and differentiate yourself from the competition in the process! As a restaurant owner myself, I know that going out to eat is a commitment. Just think about how awkward is it to sit down, look at the menu, and realize you don’t want to eat there! As a business owner - help your customers skip all THAT drama and get them salivating on their screens and dying to dial your number. 

You can create an emotional connection & make demand soar... 

Studies show that consumers want experiences, not things... they buy emotionally and then back it up with logic. So what does that mean if you've got a line of baby clothing you're trying to sell on Etsy? Share your story - sell the feeling not the material. With Facebook's ability to engage with live video, sharing the "birth" of your business, letting them see the softness of your fabrics and the experience of actual consumers interacting with your items can drive up demand faster than prune juice through a 2 year old!

You can create your own personal brand experience...

The most frequently asked question I get from my Direct Sales friends is, "How can I differentiate myself from everyone else that's selling the same product?" The answer is to create your own personal brand and there's no better platform to do this on than Facebook. Between pages, groups, messenger and ads, you have a veritable cornucopia of connection capability! Even if your product isn’t differentiated, remember this - people are buying YOU, not your product. Are you ready to use the most powerful social tool available today to call in your people & build your dream life and business? 

Oh, the Trials and Tribulations!

Running a business isn't for everyone. 

Otherwise everyone would be doing it, right?

Let me know if Any of this sounds familiar...

  • You've got a successful business, you're making decent money, but the hustle and grind has started to make you forget why you got into business in the first place. You faintly remember having some "passion" you wanted to pursue, but the memory is clouded by stress, overwhelm and "visions of payroll dancing in your head"... 
  • You feel like you don’t have a disciplined approach to your marketing and find yourself acting on impulse at the last minute, taking a reactionary, “Oh crap, Christmas is next week! I should probably put a sale up!” kind of approach...
  • You've tried out all the "traditional" ways to market your business with local newspaper advertising, direct mail, billboards and even sponsorships... but you're never really sure if they pay off because you can't measure the return on investment and the not-knowing is driving you bonkers...
  • You feel like social media and digital marketing is a little intimidating and complicated and you’re already super busy and you’re just afraid it’s all going to take too much time to learn...


  • A steady stream of customers?

  • Increasing sales?

  • More time for your passion?

  • More time in your "zone of genius" and less time selling? 

  • Your ad dollars work harder for you?

  • The ability to take days off and keep leads coming in?

  • A new way to to leverage your expertise into new income?

  • The admiration and respect of your audience & influencers as an expert & authority in your space? 

  • The ability to grow your business without having to hire a huge marketing department?

  • Clarity on your social strategy so you can ditch the shiny-object syndrome?

  • Brand recognition & more people coveting your company?

  • New customers & the chance to expand beyond your local market?


"The best part for me was the step-by-step guide to re-thinking the way we think about messaging. The ladder concept for defining our value - then quickly and effectively communicating it - was the best!" - Rob Dailey, Executive Director, Chehalem Cultural Center



"Mary was excellent at helping me decide the best content for my social media as well as mapping out where and when to share my content. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to become more serious about how they use social media with their business." - Dana Hill Hunt, Direct Sales Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate



"Navigating the web of social media is a huge challenge! Mary helps you understand how to use all the social media tools to address the needs of your target audience. AND, best of all, Mary makes it easy to figure out just who that target audience may be. She’s really good at what she does and shares that knowledge in a way that is a lot of fun." - Verna Seal Wagner, Entrepreneur


You created your social profiles, put up a website, and even have an awesome logo... but you're not getting any traffic,leads or engagement... not to mention sales!

You don’t know why no one is responding to your sales posts and YOU'VE RESORTED TO CALLING FRIENDS AND FAMILY begging THEM TO SUPPORT YOUR FLEDGLING BUSINESS

you've SPENT MONEY ON A WEBSITE OR LOCAL ADVERTISING THAT DIDN’T GET A RETURN - or may it did - but you can't measure it 

You FEEL INUNDATED WITH ALL OF THESE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS - like there's a new one popping up every day! - BUT you DON’T KNOW how you're going to find the time to keep them all full of great content!



Customers pouring through the doors so fast you break your POS and your hostess threatens to quit!

Your waiting list is full of your ideal clients just waiting to work with you and you're finally able to stop making excuses when someone asks, "What do you do?"

Requests to speak and be featured as a thought-leader in your industry are flooding your inbox and you just laugh and say, "Guess INBOX-ZERO is going to have to wait til vacation!"

You've doubled your sales since you're not just selling in your brick-and-mortar anymore - now your online audience is clamoring for your products! 

You feel confident, calm and clear on your path to success and your Facebook Page and Email List are filled with hundreds of new, high quality people who are ready to buy!



My husband is a fourth-generation Chef and Restaurateur. Using Facebook as our core social media channel, we've grown our Business Page by over 708% and doubled our email list. Sharing live videos with peeks behind-the-scenes has not only boosted these "vanity metrics" but also our reservations we're able to stay "top of mind" for diners in the area.

We've also tapped into the power of Facebook to expand, offering gift certificates, food products and wine. As an example, with a one-time special offer on our private label wine - offered only to our email list and Facebook re-targeting -  we made over $1200 in less than 48 hours - not bad for slow season!

We feel so much more secure knowing that if there's a gap in reservations we can "turn on" our highly targeted Facebook strategy and watch those seats fill up for the week. 


The e-Commerce world can be overwhelming and confusing... So many integrations, so many options, to many levers you can pull to try and connect with customers and make sales. So when we opened our Amazon FBA Store we wanted to streamline... focus on a few core strategies and start simple before e-comm made us crazy! 

Using a core sales funnel strategy tied into our growing following on Facebook, as well as interest-based targeting with Facebook Ads, we were able to make $50,743 last year and only spending about 2 hours a week on the business. Not a bad ROI on time invested!

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I've honed my skills during my 15 year marketing career managing millions of dollars worth of online promotions and advertising for BIG Brands. Now... I'm going to help YOU layout the exact strategy you need to maximize your ROI from Facebook. 

I’ve not only worked with BIG brands like WebMD, Johnson & Johnson, Clorox, Target, and Walmart, helping them educate, entertain and engage their online audiences... I've ALSO created success for small business owners ready to refine their brand positioning, build an engaged audience and make more sales online.

The goal of this program - and the passion that drives me - is to help business owners (LIKE YOU!) tap into the power we have to engage our audiences on online - especially on FACEBOOK - and turn those connections into PROFITS for us and VALUE for our audience! 

I want to help you deliver MORE impact to MORE people and in return receive MORE profits and have MORE time to focus on the passion that drove you to create a business in the first place.

After spending over 15 years building online engagement for Blue Chip Brands... and the last 2 years FOCUSED on the creation and growth of my own businesses... I decided to SHARE WHAT's WORKINg!

So how did I go from creating my own product and service based businesses to creating on online Facebook Marketing Program? Well, after growing my businesses for a while, my friends began asking me how I was using social media to increase sales of my products. As I showed them, they started telling people about it. Word got around, and I started getting more calls and emails about teaching Facebook strategies than I did about my other products! I decided to create a training course to share what actually WORKS… and the rest is history.

I'm an academic at heart - I love to learn, apply and measure results. What I learned was that Facebook Success came down 3 essential steps to continuously flood your business with new leads and engaging customers, without the stress and overwhelm of marketing tactics that seem to lose people’s interest, stress you out, and get you nowhere. 

Imagine being able to quickly and easily track your results, increase your engagement and be seen as a respected expert, without forking over thousands in advertising expenses.

Finally you can focus on the true passions that ignite you without pulling your hair out trying to learn the “newest marketing tactic” that all the “gurus” are talking about.

I asked... You answered.

I sent a quick survey to my audience and asked them what were their TOP challenges with Facebook for business... The response was clear - Make It Simple, Make It Effective. Here's just a few responses I got... 

  • "I want to both market and show clients I can meet their needs... and use paid Facebook ads to target effectively... But I don't know how to get from interest to booking."
  • "I struggle with figuring out the best time to post... I've tried different styles of content but can't seem to get responses."
  • "I need to leads to my group and to find the right balance so people stay interested."
  • "I tried brainstorming post ideas... but it got really over complicated so I stopped. How can I keep it simple?"
  • "I need help with visibility and engagement. I want to quickly and effectively use ads to grow my email list!"
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I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building online engagement for blockbuster brands and growing my own small businesses from social blah to Facebook BAM! and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you WHY and HOW Facebook is going to work for you, but also exactly WHAT to do... the actual nuts & bolts of how you can open the floodgates to a surge of new sales... right to your door!

It's going to help you... 

  • Stop spending hours trying to figure it all out and start making bank by applying a simple, focused method
  • Increase your profits so you can afford to pay for more than just your bills (massage and mani, anyone?)
  • Build meaningful relationships with your customers... so they come back time and time again
  • Set up easy profit-generating systems so you can get back to what you’re passionate about (I bet it’s not selling!)
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your market so you start getting asked by all YOUR friends, "What are you doing?"
  • Capitalize on your current and past clients to create a raving fan base of loyal customers 

This WILL Work For: 

  • Photographers
  • Dance Studios
  • Gyms and Personal Trainers
  • Direct Sales/MLM
  • Freelancers
  • Designers & Developers
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Health & Fitness
  • Health Care Professionals 

This WILL NOT Work For:

  • Gambling
  • Tobacco
  • Drug related products
  • Weapons
  • Adult products

To Generate the MOST Leads and Sales on Facebook, We're Going to Focus on 3 Simple Elements: Pages, Groups and Ads. 


YOUR PAGE: Your Page establishes your business’s presence on Facebook so people can find out about you and connect with you. Having a page is a FREE way to promote your business and connect with those potential and current customers. BONUS: You can use all the new Messenger features to to stay in touch with customers right from your Page.


YOUR GROUP: Groups are often untapped by Small Business Owners but are a great way to strengthen communication, connections and visibility with your ideal target audience. You can use them as your own personal "research lab" and develop new ideas and relationships with your online community. You can also use them to create a group of ravenous, loyal BUYERS! 


YOUR ADS: Simple truth: If you’re a small business with a tight budget, Facebook Advertising is one of the most affordable and effective ways to market your business. Other than the potential savings over other advertising channels, real time analytics let you to see how well your ads are performing asap, which means you can actively track #allthenumbers.


That's why we're only going to focus on these three things in this course. 

Because I know you have limited time and you want to start seeing impact NOW. 



  • Have a strategic step-by-step plan for Facebook you can execute yourself or hand off to a member of your staff

  • Confidently create content that engages and converts to sales without being "pushy"

  • Grow your following not just for vanity's sake - but to establish your authority and expertise

  • Transform leads into paying clients and customers

  • Turn your business into a connection-creating machine that's working even when you're not

  • Start getting the attention of influencers and thought leaders in your market for profitable, joint ventures, partnerships and promotions

  • Run Facebook ads that convert on command rather than burning your budget 

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Why This Course is the Only Facebook Course You Need...

Rather than focusing on 100 different things that MIGHT work for you - like many other courses out there - this course focuses on the 3 key things that will bring you the BIGGEST results for your online or offline business. 

It’s not that I've just helped big brands with their audience online, I’m also personally invested in the success of small business as a small business owner myself and coming from a family of small business owners, including my husband, in-laws, sister and father.

I can’t bear to see another small business owner struggle with their social media or avoid it altogether when I know how powerful it can be!

The Steps & Accountability to Get Results

"I am so grateful for Mary's services and support.  I had been struggling for over a year to find away to package and manage my online marketing.  Mary's program walked me through just the steps I needed to get the results I wanted.  Mary has great strategies and creative problem solving solutions.  She took this overwhelming task for me and broke it down into manageable steps that helped me tremendously to get the results I was seeking. Mary held me accountable and gave me the confidence I needed to design my webpage, link up with social media and get me on track to using social media effectively.  I've gotten so many compliments on my website!" - Lori Lishan, Wellness Advocate



A Fresh Online Presence = Foundation for success

"What I Ioved most about hiring Mary to overhaul my website is she seemed to read my mind and take initiative to make everything look better, like the icing on the cake. Her flexibility was priceless and her expertise was worth every penny. I wish I had hired her sooner! She even taught me how to do things on my own in the future. She is a wealth of information and I highly recommend her services." - Samantha Keith, Transformation Coach



"Mary is a kind, caring woman with quick wits who in a matter of minutes was able to read me and my brand.  Her amazing ability to relate and understand what I wanted to achieve resulted in the creation of product names and product ideas, as well as strategies on how to present them.  She is incredibly talented, as well as humble, trustworthy and respectful, qualities very valued in today’s world.” - Anamae Ford, Life Coach and Efficiency Mentor

Week 1: Brand Positioning and Audience Insights

Learn the exact step-by-step strategy that I use to define my ideal target audience so you can SWIPE it and apply it straight to your business. Get laser focused on EXACTLY who your ideal buyer is without wasting time on low-value consumers, and maximize your Facebook efforts going forward.

Week 2: Savvy 3-Part Strategy 

Now that you are practically reading your customers' minds, we're going to set some goals and strategy for your Facebook domination journey. This week we'll dive into the 3 essential elements of the Facebook Floodgates Method and learn how they each drive value for you on their own... but how 1 + 1 + 1 = BAM! for your bottom line!

Week 3: FB Pages & Groups 

Time to talk about content creation... and I'm sharing my tips for how to up your game and create irrisitible content that will have your community DROOLING on their keyboards and on the edge of their seats just waiting to hear more from you. 

Week 4: The Link to Sales with Facebook Ads

Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads... Oh My! This week you'll finally understand the anatomy of what makes a high converting ad campaign and the best ways to create compelling ad copy, mouth-watering ad images, and master the art of audience targeting. PLUS - learn how to capture your conversions and grow your email list so you can nurture, nurture, nurture your way to a big list of BUYERS and a passive income profit machine! 

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In Just 30 Days or Less, Unleash a Rush of New Leads Straight to Your Door with the Complete Step-by-Step Implementation Guide for Confidently Creating Your First PROFITABLE Facebook Marketing Plan


“Hearing Mary speak re-energized me to re-visit how we develop content marketing and try to keep ahead of the marketing trends. Mary’s experience and her personable demeanor make her a valuable resource. Her ability to bring fresh ideas to a brainstorming session and help break them down into actionable steps makes her a powerful asset”. - Lauren Barnes, Director of Marketing, Dobbes Family Estate




"Lots of great information with a systematized approach to marketing. Really great, solid plan that is clear in objectives and implementation." - Karen Corsini, Volunteer Coordinator, Chehalem Cultural Center



"The content was well-paced and informative. The time was very well spent and Mary was engaging, knowledgeable and creative with ideas and strategies. Great course!" - Jessi Rich, Education Coordinator, Chehalem Cultural Center

A 30-Day “Buy it. Build it.” Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve done everything in my power to make this the simplest Facebook strategy implementation program available.

I KNOW it works because it’s the exact same process that’s been behind the success of my own business and my clients. 

However, if you’re on the fence…or if other online courses have left you skeptical, then I want to give you every chance possible to “buy it and build it” with absolute confidence. 

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to go through the implementation program, follow the simple step-by-step plan, and realize for yourself just how amazing it feels to create a rock solid strategy and Facebool lead generation machine ready to be deployed. 

View full refund policy »

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$297 ($3,392 value)

  • Four Course Modules (video lessons, checklists, worksheets)
  • Lifetime Access to Materials



$397 ($3,889 VALUE)

  • Four Course Modules (video lessons, checklists, worksheets)
  • Lifetime Access to Materials


$597 ($4,886 VALUE)

  • Four Course Modules (video lessons, checklists, worksheets)
  • Lifetime Access to Materials
  • Access to Recorded Group Coaching Calls

>>> BONUSES <<< 

  1. Facebook Ad Planner Worksheet:  Facebook ads are most effective when you plan out your goals, copy, images and targeting in advance, and this is the perfect template to ensure you're on your way to generating leads asap. 
  2. Facebook Business Page Checklist: Use this step-by-step plan to make sure your page is ready to engage and convert from the moment your audience lands on it. You don't get a second chance at a first impression!
  3. 10 Irresistible Post Topics: Ditch content-creation stress with this proven list of compelling post topics and thought-starters that are sure to boost engagement and leave your fans eager to hear more from you.


  1. 1-on-1 with Mary (ONLY UNTIL 1/18/17 - $297 Value):  In our 60-minute private session, we'll create a custom strategy with clarity, intention and focus for you and your business. 
  2. Professional Graphics Review with Molly Bailey (ONLY UNTIL 1/20/17 - $297 Value): Get 1-on-1 feedback from a graphics and digital creative pro! Molly is a digital creative professional with an expertise in marketing strategy, and a keen eye for design and all things visual. Get her feedback to create a consistent brand look that converts to sales! 
  3. 90-Day Social Plan Template (ONLY UNTIL 1/23/17 - $197): This 90-day plan will save you hours of work and will help you layout everything you learn in the program in a step-by-step action plan for success. 

Doors closing soon...

... and I don't know when I'll open this course again. 

Answers to your fears, doubts and lingering questions:

+ Why should I buy this now? I’m kinda busy.

I don't know when I'll open this course again. I’m not doing this to be mean, trust me! I’m simply getting way too many requests to be able to handle all this information on my end… Plus the longer you wait, the longer you and your business will be left in the dark, let’s make your business flourish today!

+ Is it worth the cost?

How much money are you leaving on the table by not doing this, how much money are you saving by learning it and setting it up to run on autopilot instead of hiring an agency to do it for you, if this course brings you one single more customer per week what would that be in increased revenue a year? Also it’s an investment in your business so that you can make more money, not the same as paying to keep the lights on, this is actually for your long-term growth or can pay you back in dividends

+ Is my business ready for this?

64% of twitter users and 51% of facebook users buy from the brands they follow online. So if you don’t want to make money in your business, then no, don’t take it. But if you want more customers and to actually earn money in your business, this is for you. Truth be told there’s only one thing you need to go to start gaining traction online -- rip off the band-aid and do it. This course has small, simple steps anyone can start implementing to become successful, no matter what size their business or list is now.

+ Will this work if I sell wigs, dreams, or? (Insert vague/weird business here)

No matter how strange you think your business might be, social media and Facebook can pinpoint its billions of users by interests, demographics, and so much more to bring your online or offline business in front of their eyes.







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Do you want more engagement, leads and sales on Facebook? Then join now!

A Note from Me to You:  

You should understand, that as the inaugural launch class of Facebook Floodgates, I'm 100% committed to your success. Let's just say that I'm going to eye-on, super-focused, tracking your results so you’ll get a clear picture of how far you’ve come by the end. Think of this almost like a small mastermind with a guide! I guarantee that the amount of personal connection you’ll get with this course at the Action-Taker or VIP Level is going to be an insane value and something that, if I was charging my normal hourly rate, would be valued at well over $3000. You're getting it for a fraction of that. I can't wait to see what you create and look forward to popping some bubbles and celebrating your success!

Cheers to the journey!


Not going to take action? Flash forward 90 days...

Your social media following has actually gotten smaller because you haven’t been posting, posting the wrong thing, or have been posting haphazardly

It’s all over the place, customers can’t find you online so they think you don’t exist or you went out of business

You’re still struggling to get customers, you still don’t know how to engage your audience online and don’t have a plan to get there

You’re still feeling just as overwhelmed and confused by social media as ever. 

It’s not that I've just helped big brands with their audience online, I’m also personally invested in the success of small business as a small business owner myself and I come from a family of small business owners (husband, in-laws, sister, father). I can’t bear to see another small business owner struggle with their social media or avoid it altogether when I know how powerful it can be.