ready to take on my business

"Every time I work with Mary I walked away feeling more clear, more confident and ready to take on my business and well, life! Mary has an incredibly down to earth vibe that makes you feel comfortable and at ease all while helping you get clear, feel more organized and sane and ultimately, like you can manage it all. I feel very fortunate for my time with Mary!" - Amanda Whitworth, The Savoury Soul



“Hearing Mary speak re-energized me to re-visit how we develop content marketing and try to keep ahead of the marketing trends. Mary’s experience and her personable demeanor make her a valuable resource. Her ability to bring fresh ideas to a brainstorming session and help break them down into actionable steps makes her a powerful asset”. - Lauren Barnes, Director of Marketing, Dobbes Family Estate



"I am so grateful for Mary's services and support.  I had been struggling for over a year to find away to package and manage my online marketing.  Mary's program walked me through just the steps I needed to get the results I wanted.  Mary has great strategies and creative problem solving solutions.  She took this overwhelming task for me and broke it down into manageable steps that helped me tremendously to get the results I was seeking. Mary held me accountable and gave me the confidence I needed to design my webpage, link up with social media and get me on track to using social media effectively.  I've gotten so many compliments on my website!" - Lori Lishan, Wellness Advocate


Defining Value and Effectively Communicating It

"The best part for me was the step-by-step guide to re-thinking the way we think about messaging. The ladder concept for defining our value - then quickly and effectively communicating it - was the best!" - Rob Dailey, Executive Director, Chehalem Cultural Center



"What I Ioved most about hiring Mary to overhaul my website is she seemed to read my mind and take initiative to make everything look better, like the icing on the cake. Her flexibility was priceless and her expertise was worth every penny. I wish I had hired her sooner! She even taught me how to do things on my own in the future. She is a wealth of information and I highly recommend her services." - Samantha Keith, Transformation Coach



"Mary is a kind, caring woman with quick wits who in a matter of minutes was able to read me and my brand.  Her amazing ability to relate and understand what I wanted to achieve resulted in the creation of product names and product ideas, as well as strategies on how to present them.  She is incredibly talented, as well as humble, trustworthy and respectful, qualities very valued in today’s world.” - Anamae Ford, Life Coach and Efficiency Mentor


mapping out where and when to share my content

"Mary was excellent at helping me decide the best content for my social media as well as mapping out where and when to share my content. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to become more serious about how they use social media with their business." - Dana Hill Hunt, Direct Sales Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate


Well-Paced... Great Course!

"The content was well-paced and informative. The time was very well spent and Mary was engaging, knowledgeable and creative with ideas and strategies. Great course!" - Jessi Rich, Education Coordinator, Chehalem Cultural Center



"Navigating the web of social media is a huge challenge! Mary helps you understand how to use all the social media tools to address the needs of your target audience. AND, best of all, Mary makes it easy to figure out just who that target audience may be. She’s really good at what she does and shares that knowledge in a way that is a lot of fun." - Verna Seal Wagner, Entrepreneur


Practical Steps while making marketing fun

"Incredibly useful and practical steps to gaining successful and targeted marketing! Mary was personable, took the time to explain specific questions, and made marketing a fun experience!" - Erin Padilla, Arts & Public Programming Coordinator, Chehalem Cultural Center


Helped Create a Solid, Clear Plan

"Lots of great information with a systematized approach to marketing. Really great, solid plan that is clear in objectives and implementation." - Karen Corsini, Volunteer Coordinator, Chehalem Cultural Center



Now we have a template and plan of action

"The best thing about the experience was that we now have a template for how to work through our process on setting goals and reaching them. Thank you, Mary!" - Sharyl Fickas, Event Sales Coordinator, Chehalem Cultural Center